Old Town – Monk
Monika and Ilka Herrmann
Mönchstr. 60
DE 18439 Stralsund

Phone: +49 3831444671
Fax: +49 3831444672
Mobil: +49 1732394651
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Unsere Ferienwohnung
Our holiday apartment "Am Kütertor"

Unser Ferienapartment

rathausgiebel.jpg, 152kB Stralsunder Rathausgiebel

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Guesthouse Altstadt-Mönch
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Note: non Smoker, Our historic Building is 230 years old and there is no lift inside. Disabled people ar kindly asked to book their Rooms on the ground or fist floor.

These cultural monuments are close to our guesthouse:

  • Alter Markt Stralsund
  • Artushof Stralsund
  • Commandanten Hus Stralsund
  • Dielenhaus Stralsund
  • Heilgeisthospital Stralsund
  • Johanniskloster Stralsund
  • Kampischer Hof Stralsund
  • Katharinenkirche Stralsund
  • Kloster St. Jürgen am Strande
  • Kniepertor Stralsund
  • Stadtwaage Stralsund
  • Kütertor Stralsund
  • Marienkrönungsaltar Stralsund
  • Meyerfeldtsches Palais Stralsund
  • Ossenreyerstr.1 Stralsund
  • Scharfrichterhaus Stralsund
  • St. Jacobi-Kirche Stralsund
  • St. Marien-Kirche Stralsund
  • St. Nikolai-Kirche Stralsund
  • Katharinenkloster Stralsund
  • Stralsunder Rathaus